Rozilla C Jayne

F, #58501, b. November 10, 1876, d. October 20, 1892
     Rozilla C Jayne was born on November 10, 1876. She was the daughter of Porter Jayne and Sophrona Shoemaker. She married Fred Robinson circa 1892. Rozilla C Jayne died on October 20, 1892 at Wyoming, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.520001,-76.020001, at age 15.

Child of Rozilla C Jayne and Fred Robinson

Fred Robinson

M, #58502, b. circa 1876
     Fred Robinson was born circa 1876. He married Rozilla C Jayne circa 1892.

Child of Fred Robinson and Rozilla C Jayne

Nan Cole

F, #58508, b. circa 1874
     Nan Cole was born circa 1874. She was the daughter of John L Cole and Amanda Rogers.

David Cole

M, #58509, b. circa 1878
     David Cole was born circa 1878. He was the son of John L Cole and Amanda Rogers. He married Marriet Phillips circa 1898.

Children of David Cole and Marriet Phillips

  • Robert Cole
  • Janice Cole
  • Glen Cole
  • Marian Cole

Margaret Cole

F, #58510, b. circa 1882
     Margaret Cole was born circa 1882. She was the daughter of John L Cole and Amanda Rogers. She married John Allerdyce circa 1902.

Children of Margaret Cole and John Allerdyce

  • Amanda Allerdyce
  • Willa Allerdyce
  • Catherine Allerdyce
  • John Allerdyce

Marriet Phillips

F, #58511, b. circa 1878, d. 1958
     Marriet Phillips was born circa 1878. She married David Cole circa 1898. Marriet Phillips died in 1958.

Children of Marriet Phillips and David Cole

  • Robert Cole
  • Janice Cole
  • Glen Cole
  • Marian Cole

Sarra Anthony Quick

F, #58519, b. circa 1834
     Sarra Anthony Quick was born circa 1834. She married John Jayne Bramhall circa 1854.

Children of Sarra Anthony Quick and John Jayne Bramhall

James Van Auken

M, #58520, b. circa 1846
     James Van Auken was born circa 1846. He was the son of (--?--) Van Auken and Polly Anne Bramhall.

Louise Barber

F, #58523, b. circa 1886
     Louise Barber was born circa 1886. She was the daughter of William Barber and Hanna Dickenson.

Martha Anne Harding

F, #58535, b. circa 1822
     Martha Anne Harding was born circa 1822. She married George Remington Bramhall circa 1842.

Melissa Dickenson

F, #58539, b. May 29, 1866, d. July 6, 1910
     Melissa Dickenson was born on May 29, 1866 at Symansville, Pennsylvania, United States. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Dickenson and Adelia Crawford. She married Edwin Wallace Stevens on November 13, 1887. Melissa Dickenson died on July 6, 1910 at Sanford, Seminole, Florida, United States, 28.800548,-81.273121, at age 44.

Children of Melissa Dickenson and Edwin Wallace Stevens

Ebenezer H Jayne

M, #58544, b. October 22, 1809, d. December 8, 1864
     Ebenezer H Jayne was born on October 22, 1809 at Connecticut, United States, 41.600001,-72.700001. He was the son of David Jayne and Nancy Pease. He married Sybil Culver Tuttle circa 1833. Ebenezer H Jayne died on December 8, 1864 at Eastport, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.825932,-72.731765, at age 55.

Children of Ebenezer H Jayne and Sybil Culver Tuttle

Sybil Culver Tuttle

F, #58545, b. March 4, 1818
     Sybil Culver Tuttle was born on March 4, 1818. She married Ebenezer H Jayne circa 1833.

Children of Sybil Culver Tuttle and Ebenezer H Jayne

David Jayne Crawford

M, #58549, b. March 16, 1815, d. August 18, 1877
     David Jayne Crawford was born on March 16, 1815. He was the son of Benjamin C Crawford and Ester Jayne. He married Mary Sauyer circa 1835. David Jayne Crawford died on August 18, 1877 at age 62.

Children of David Jayne Crawford and Mary Sauyer

Mary Sauyer

F, #58550, b. July 19, 1797, d. December 24, 1880
     Mary Sauyer was born on July 19, 1797. She married David Jayne Crawford circa 1835. Mary Sauyer died on December 24, 1880 at age 83.

Children of Mary Sauyer and David Jayne Crawford