Donetta Merle Thompson

F, #56505, b. circa 1952, d. January 21, 2008
     Donetta Merle Thompson was born circa 1952. She was the daughter of Donald Thompson and Vivian (--?--). She married Paul Lacroix circa 1972. Donetta Merle Thompson died on January 21, 2008 at Ottawa Hospital - General Campus, Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 45.333335,-75.584165.

Children of Donetta Merle Thompson and Paul Lacroix

  • Daniel Lacroix
  • Annette Lacroix

Vivian (--?--)

F, #56511, b. circa 1930, d. before January 23, 2008
     Vivian (--?--) was born circa 1930. She married Donald Thompson circa 1950. Vivian (--?--) died before January 23, 2008.

Children of Vivian (--?--) and Donald Thompson

David McKay Smith

M, #56519, b. 1927, d. August 2, 1973
David McKay Smith (1927 - 1972)
     David McKay Smith was born in 1927. He was the son of Howard Smith and Doris Yates Wilson. He married Anthea June Merrihue in September, 1952 at First Reformed Church, Schenectady, Schenectady, New York, United States, 42.814243,-73.939568. David was divorced from Anthea June Merrihue in 1966. He married Iris (--?--) in 1968. David McKay Smith died on August 2, 1973.

Children of David McKay Smith and Anthea June Merrihue

  • Holly Smith
  • Wendy Smith

Child of David McKay Smith and Iris (--?--)

  • Susan Marie Smith

(--?--) (--?--)

F, #56521, b. circa 1880, d. circa 1960
     (--?--) (--?--) was born circa 1880. She married Howard Boynton Wilson circa 1936. (--?--) (--?--) died circa 1960. She was buried circa 1960 at Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, Albany, New York, United States, 42.708211,-73.731831.

Golden Cornelia Smith

F, #56525, b. circa 1882
     Golden Cornelia Smith was born circa 1882. She married Horatio Caswell Forshner, son of William Smith Forshner and Elizabeth MacLellan, in 1902.

Mary Stannard

F, #56535, b. circa 1720
     Mary Stannard was born circa 1720. She married Leonard Owen circa 1760.

Child of Mary Stannard and Leonard Owen

Sabra Owen

F, #56536, b. circa 1762
     Sabra Owen was born circa 1762. She was the daughter of Leonard Owen and Mary Stannard. She married Absalom Taylor circa 1782.

Absalom Taylor

M, #56537, b. circa 1762
     Absalom Taylor was born circa 1762. He married Sabra Owen circa 1782.

Amanada Green

F, #56538, b. 1861
     Amanada Green was born in 1861. She was the daughter of Andrew J Green and Dorcas Jayne.

Louisa Jayne

F, #56539, b. circa 1850
     Louisa Jayne was born circa 1850. She was the daughter of Timothy Jayne and Phebe Elizabeth Plympton.

Olive Anderson

F, #56540, b. March 25, 1867, d. 1958
     Olive Anderson was born on March 25, 1867. She was the daughter of Samuel Anderson Porter and Lavina Jayne. She married Jacob S Swanger circa 1890. Olive Anderson died in 1958.

Child of Olive Anderson and Jacob S Swanger

Samuel Anderson Porter

M, #56541, b. November 30, 1826, d. April 29, 1901
     Samuel Anderson Porter was born on November 30, 1826. He married Lavina Jayne on June 6, 1847 at Saltsburg, Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States, 40.486455,-79.451429. Samuel Anderson Porter died on April 29, 1901 at age 74.

Child of Samuel Anderson Porter and Lavina Jayne

Elizabeth Schooley

F, #56542, b. June 22, 1824, d. December, 1861
     Elizabeth Schooley was born on June 22, 1824. She married Ira Crawford circa 1844. Elizabeth Schooley died in December, 1861 at age 37.

Children of Elizabeth Schooley and Ira Crawford

Hanna Dickenson

F, #56543, b. circa 1862, d. 1936
     Hanna Dickenson was born circa 1862. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Dickenson and Adelia Crawford. She married William Barber circa 1882. Hanna Dickenson died in 1936.

Children of Hanna Dickenson and William Barber

Muriel Eustice

F, #56544, b. circa 1884
     Muriel Eustice was born circa 1884. She married Nathanel W Barber circa 1960.

Bertha Bellas

F, #56545, b. April 14, 1884
     Bertha Bellas was born on April 14, 1884. She married Homer Jerome Cobb circa 1916.

Child of Bertha Bellas and Homer Jerome Cobb

Mary Eve Oziah

F, #56546, b. February 3, 1817, d. November 17, 1899
     Mary Eve Oziah was born on February 3, 1817 at Wyoming, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.520001,-76.020001. She was the daughter of Anthony Oziah and Anna Jayne. She married Daniel Bunnell circa 1835. Mary Eve Oziah died on November 17, 1899 at Guthrie Center, Guthrie, Iowa, United States, 41.677208,-94.503304, at age 82. She was buried on November 17, 1899 at Brethren Cemetery, Panora, Guthrie, Iowa, United States, 41.717011,-94.367461.

Children of Mary Eve Oziah and Daniel Bunnell

Gerald Clayton Groves

M, #56547, b. September 24, 1911, d. March 23, 1995
     Gerald Clayton Groves was born on September 24, 1911 at Meckling, Clay, South Dakota, United States, 42.842496,-97.069492. He married Jayne Elizabeth Ohlmacher on May 27, 1933. Gerald Clayton Groves died on March 23, 1995 at Vermillion, Clay, South Dakota, United States, 42.779441,-96.929211, at age 83.

Children of Gerald Clayton Groves and Jayne Elizabeth Ohlmacher

  • Geraldine Rasmussen Groves
  • Lynn Weiss Groves
  • Jayne Anne Groves