The information shown on this and subsequent page(s) is based on researched, contributed and information personally related by family members for direct Stonehouse lineages. Although other individuals have been added via gedcom and other electonic  imports, no responsibility for the accuracy of this information is taken by the owners of this site. In respect of living individuals, details on living family members has/may have been suppressed, with the exception of marriage information. Data from contriubtors to this site has been added on the basis that the contributor has the right and permission to share the information contained herein.

Where the living status is in doubt or could not be calculated using circa dating criteria of 20 years, the individual has been flagged as living until such time as the exact status can be determined or the person reached 110 years of age. The information shown here can not be reproduced, used for commercial purposes or disseminated to other sources without the explicit written approval of the researcher/author and ALL affected living individuals where contact can be made with them after reasonable effort by the web site owners.

The accuracy of this information is based on the research ability of the researcher/author, family and other contributors and all information is subject to change and verification at any time. These pages may or may not reflect the most recent information available. No misrepresentation of factual information is deliberately intended.

Additional details (where not shown here) on deceased and living family members can be requested from the researcher/author but are subject to release under the Canadian Freedom of Information Privacy and Protection Act and where applicable other Provincial and International Legislation where the researcher/author is aware of such legislation.

If any individual or family member who finds information in this web site / document that they do not wish to have released in this manner or that they feel is inaccurate or a misrepresentation of the facts, must contact the researcher/author and upon confirmation of the person / information the information will removed or corrected as needed.

While the researcher/author, family (and some are members of the Mormon faith) and other contributors of the information in this document do not have anything personal against the Mormon Church (Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints), the information in this document or on these web pages is not to be contributed under any circumstances. Their policies for accepting, adding to, deleteing from and altering contributed information is not acceptable to the integrity of the information compiled by the researcher / author, families and other contributors.

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