Please read: If you have reached this page from our family tree on Ancestry while looking for a living person, you may not find that person on the website. Our website only shows BMDB Information on deceased individuals. Feel free to contact us at for further inforamtion.

Welcome to the Stonehouse Family Home page. We are pleased to share our research with family, 
friends and other researchers. As amateur genealogists we do our best to provide the most 
accurate information available to us. We would like to thank the numerous contributors who 
continuously take the time to review their family information and provide us with 
corrections, additions and deletions. It is through their ongoing efforts that we continue 
to improve the accuracy of our database.

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How can you help us? If you are included in our data or related to someone in our data and you 
wish to share additional information including photos, anecdotes, etc please contact us at
Genealogy Inquiries. In doing so we assume that you have permission to share this information 
with us when individuals other than yourself are involved. The goal of our web site is to 
provide as accurate information as possible and it is through contributors like you that we are 
able to do this. While we do not actively solicit information from anyone other than direct 
family members, all contributions are greatly appreciated, and all contributors are quoted as 
the source. I can assure you that no data or photos that I have or will have on living 
individuals other than what is currently shown on our web site will ever be released without 
the written permission of the individual involved if I have their contact information and if 
they can be contacted after reasonable effort. For example please check my own record for the 
types of information we show. I cannot however guarantee that information on living people 
gathered elsewhere from the Internet will not end up in the hands of other researchers as the 
information can still be downloaded from the internet. If you decide to send an electronic file 
with data please contact us before hand so we can determine the best method and format to be 
used. I have the capability of importing several native formats from other genealogy program 
files into my software and this would be the preferential way to do it.
All contributors will be quoted as the source of the information in our database.