Allen H Crawford

M, #57653, b. circa 1856
     Allen H Crawford was born circa 1856. He was the son of John W Crawford and Orenda L Hawley. He married May Bell circa 1876.

Nancy Pease

F, #57655, b. December 14, 1754, d. August, 1844
     Nancy Pease was born on December 14, 1754 at Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States, 41.976207,-72.591755. She married David Jayne on April 3, 1795 at Southampton, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.884267,-72.389529. Nancy Pease died in August, 1844 at Auburn, Cayuga, New York, United States, 42.931733,-76.566052, at age 89.

Child of Nancy Pease and David Jayne

Charles Perry Trumbull

M, #57656, b. November 18, 1884, d. July 3, 1961
     Charles Perry Trumbull was born on November 18, 1884 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States, 41.850033,-87.650052. He was the son of Perry Trumbull and Mary Caroline Peck. He married Artless J Browne on June 29, 1916. Charles Perry Trumbull died on July 3, 1961 at Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, United States, 35.593932,-105.223896, at age 76.

Child of Charles Perry Trumbull and Artless J Browne

Charles Welsh

M, #57657, b. circa 1846
     Charles Welsh was born circa 1846. He married Esther Crawford circa 1866.

Children of Charles Welsh and Esther Crawford

Rexford Walker Titus

M, #57658, b. September 25, 1889
     Rexford Walker Titus was born on September 25, 1889 at Pennsylvania, United States, 41.000001,-77.500001. He married Georgia Lucile Spalding circa 1910.

Children of Rexford Walker Titus and Georgia Lucile Spalding

  • Anne Beverly Titus
  • Rexford Walker Titus
  • Elizabeth Jayne Titus
  • Lucile Spauldind Titus
  • Martha Sheldon Titus

Mercy Campfield

F, #57659, b. circa 1769
     Mercy Campfield was born circa 1769. She married Gabriel Jayne circa 1789.

Child of Mercy Campfield and Gabriel Jayne

Elery Fish

M, #57662, b. October, 1869, d. after October, 1869

(--?--) Robbins

M, #57663, b. circa 1733, d. March 28, 1807
     (--?--) Robbins was born circa 1733. He married Susannah Jayne circa 1753. (--?--) Robbins died on March 28, 1807.

Ann S Mount

F, #57664, b. circa 1771
     Ann S Mount was born circa 1771. She married John Jayne circa 1791.

Child of Ann S Mount and John Jayne

Mary Jayne Beardslee

F, #57665, b. May 7, 1836
     Mary Jayne Beardslee was born on May 7, 1836. She was the daughter of Thomas Blain Beardslee and Sarah Perry Jayne. She married Lemuel L Evans on May 16, 1855.

Children of Mary Jayne Beardslee and Lemuel L Evans

William Jones Tyler

M, #57667, b. November 1, 1810, d. September 4, 1870
     William Jones Tyler was born on November 1, 1810 at New York, United States, 43.000001,-75.000001. He married Elizabeth S Jayne circa 1830. William Jones Tyler died on September 4, 1870 at New York, United States, 43.000001,-75.000001, at age 59.

Child of William Jones Tyler and Elizabeth S Jayne

Brewster Jayne

M, #57670, b. circa 1787
     Brewster Jayne was born circa 1787. He was the son of Daniel Jayne and Hannah Robbins.

Beatrice Louise Cobb

F, #57671, b. 1919, d. 1935
     Beatrice Louise Cobb was born in 1919. She was the daughter of Homer Jerome Cobb and Bertha Bellas. Beatrice Louise Cobb died in 1935.

Stephen Jayne

M, #57672, b. 1879
     Stephen Jayne was born in 1879 at Russell Hill, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.588409,-76.005756. He was the son of William H Jayne and Augusta P Russell.

Eugene Myers

M, #57673, b. circa 1880, d. 1937
     Eugene Myers was born circa 1880. He married Clara Fish circa 1900. Eugene Myers died in 1937.

Children of Eugene Myers and Clara Fish

  • Eugene Myers b. July 18, 1904
  • Grace Myers
  • Ralph Myers
  • George Myers
  • Robert Myers

Hannah Jayne

F, #57674, b. circa 1789
     Hannah Jayne was born circa 1789. She was the daughter of Daniel Jayne and Hannah Robbins.

Silas Carter Jayne

M, #57675, b. circa 1810
     Silas Carter Jayne was born circa 1810. He was the son of Benaiah Jayne and Elizabeth Carter.

James Jayne

M, #57676, b. circa 1791
     James Jayne was born circa 1791. He was the son of Gabriel Jayne and Mercy Campfield.

Ruth Elizabeth Rose Horn

F, #57678, b. May 5, 1902, d. October 13, 1985
     Ruth Elizabeth Rose Horn was born on May 5, 1902 at Endicott, Whitman, Washington, United States, 46.925717,-117.682981. She married Clarence DeWitt Jayne on June 27, 1924 at Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States, 47.658781,-117.426046. Ruth Elizabeth Rose Horn died on October 13, 1985 at Laramie, Albany, Wyoming, United States, 41.311366,-105.591101, at age 83.

Children of Ruth Elizabeth Rose Horn and Clarence DeWitt Jayne

  • Jack Edgar Jayne
  • Janet Edith Jayne
  • Jerrold Clarence Jayne

Otis Gorden

M, #57679, b. circa 1829
     Otis Gorden was born circa 1829. He married Mary A Decker circa 1849.

Hamilton Jayne

M, #57680, b. October 8, 1809
     Hamilton Jayne was born on October 8, 1809 at Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.940001,-72.680001. He was the son of John Jayne and Ann S Mount. He married Harriet Allen circa 1829.

Isaac Bateman

M, #57681, b. circa 1806
     Isaac Bateman was born circa 1806. He married Mary Jane Jayne circa 1826.

Emma Fish

F, #57682, b. circa 1872
     Emma Fish was born circa 1872. She was the daughter of Eliphos Fish and Laura Asenath Jayne.

Harriet Allen

F, #57685, b. circa 1809
     Harriet Allen was born circa 1809. She married Hamilton Jayne circa 1829.

Thurzy Christy

F, #57686, b. circa 1816
     Thurzy Christy was born circa 1816. She married Norton Jayne circa 1836.

Anselm Helm Jayne

M, #57687, b. September 12, 1856
     Anselm Helm Jayne was born on September 12, 1856 at Bellevue, Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States, 30.344722,-88.528056. He was the son of William McAfee Jayne and Julia Frances Kennon. He married Evelyn Sumner Turner on February 3, 1894.

Evelyn Sumner Turner

F, #57688, b. circa 1874
     Evelyn Sumner Turner was born circa 1874. She married Anselm Helm Jayne on February 3, 1894.

Eleanor Fordyce

F, #57689, b. circa 1812
     Eleanor Fordyce was born circa 1812. She married Alfred Addison Jayne circa 1832.

Child of Eleanor Fordyce and Alfred Addison Jayne

Walter Addison Jayne

M, #57690, b. December 4, 1853, d. November 7, 1920
     Walter Addison Jayne was born on December 4, 1853 at Orange, Essex, New Jersey, United States, 40.770656,-74.232646. He was the son of Alfred Addison Jayne and Eleanor Fordyce. Walter Addison Jayne died on November 7, 1920 at Tucson, Pima, Arizona, United States, 32.221742,-110.926479, at age 66.

Donald Cameron Jayne

M, #57691, b. June 1, 1903, d. April 2, 1941
     Donald Cameron Jayne was born on June 1, 1903. He was the son of John Marklin Jayne and Margaret Jayne. He married Doris Ruth Jones on June 10, 1931 at Glendale, Humboldt, California, United States, 40.899851,-124.017005. Donald Cameron Jayne died on April 2, 1941 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States, 34.052234,-118.243684, at age 37.

Child of Donald Cameron Jayne and Doris Ruth Jones

  • Donald Cameron Jayne

Eugene Myers

M, #57692, b. July 18, 1904
     Eugene Myers was born on July 18, 1904. He was the son of Eugene Myers and Clara Fish.

Lydia Jayne Miller

F, #57693, b. circa 1802
     Lydia Jayne Miller was born circa 1802. She was the daughter of Amos Miller and Mary DeWitt Jayne. She married (--?--) Burgess circa 1822.

Sarah Brewster

F, #57694, b. November 28, 1796, d. July 22, 1833
     Sarah Brewster was born on November 28, 1796 at Setauket, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.935098,-73.118442. She married Isaac Jayne on April 24, 1814 at Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.779265,-72.915381. Sarah Brewster died on July 22, 1833 at Naples, Scott, Illinois, United States, 39.757268,-90.607348, at age 36.

Children of Sarah Brewster and Isaac Jayne

Betsy Jayne

F, #57695, b. July 7, 1811
     Betsy Jayne was born on July 7, 1811 at Smithtown, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.855931,-73.200668. She was the daughter of William Jayne and Mary Mitchell.

Mary Mitchell

F, #57696, b. May 6, 1790, d. February 14, 1848
     Mary Mitchell was born on May 6, 1790 at Setauket, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.935098,-73.118442. She married Archibald Jayne circa 1810. Mary Mitchell died on February 14, 1848 at Setauket, Suffolk, New York, United States, 40.935098,-73.118442, at age 57.

Charles Dixon

M, #57697, b. June, 1856, d. April 1, 1861
     Charles Dixon was born in June, 1856. He was the son of Joseph F Dixon and Sarah Frances Jayne. Charles Dixon died on April 1, 1861 at age 4.

Asa Dixon

F, #57698, b. April 23, 1863, d. August 2, 1864
     Asa Dixon was born on April 23, 1863. She was the daughter of Joseph F Dixon and Sarah Frances Jayne. Asa Dixon died on August 2, 1864 at age 1.

Ida Dixon

F, #57699, b. August 8, 1858, d. April 15, 1875
     Ida Dixon was born on August 8, 1858. She was the daughter of Joseph F Dixon and Sarah Frances Jayne. Ida Dixon died on April 15, 1875 at age 16.

Joseph Dixon

M, #57700, b. September 18, 1866
     Joseph Dixon was born on September 18, 1866. He was the son of Joseph F Dixon and Sarah Frances Jayne.