(--?--) Pituley

M, #62955, b. circa 1908
     (--?--) Pituley was born circa 1908. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1928.

Children of (--?--) Pituley and (--?--) (--?--)

(--?--) (--?--)

F, #62956, b. circa 1908
     (--?--) (--?--) was born circa 1908. She married (--?--) Pituley circa 1928.

Children of (--?--) (--?--) and (--?--) Pituley

John E Bishop

M, #62963, b. circa 1870
     John E Bishop was born circa 1870. He married Esther Amanda Terris circa 1891.

Child of John E Bishop and Esther Amanda Terris

Esther Amanda Terris

F, #62964, b. circa 1870
     Esther Amanda Terris was born circa 1870. She married John E Bishop circa 1891.

Child of Esther Amanda Terris and John E Bishop

John Fletcher

M, #62965, b. circa 1869
     John Fletcher was born circa 1869. He married Lavinia (--?--) circa 1889.

Child of John Fletcher and Lavinia (--?--)

Lavinia (--?--)

F, #62966, b. circa 1869
     Lavinia (--?--) was born circa 1869. She married John Fletcher circa 1889.

Child of Lavinia (--?--) and John Fletcher

George R Oulton

M, #62969, b. circa 1875
     George R Oulton was born circa 1875. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1895.

Child of George R Oulton and (--?--) (--?--)

Olivia Winnifred Colburne

F, #62971, b. June 21, 1891
     Olivia Winnifred Colburne was born on June 21, 1891. She married Robert Duncan Schurman circa 1910.

As of June 21, 1891, Olivia Winnifred Colburne was also known as Winnie Colburne.

Children of Olivia Winnifred Colburne and Robert Duncan Schurman

  • Ralph Ambrose Schurman
  • Robert Schurman
  • Kathleen Schurman
  • Rebecca Schurman

Fenwick Nix

M, #62979, b. circa 1890
     Fenwick Nix was born circa 1890. He married Annie Colborne circa 1910.

Children of Fenwick Nix and Annie Colborne

Annie Colborne

F, #62980, b. circa 1890
     Annie Colborne was born circa 1890. She married Fenwick Nix circa 1910.

Children of Annie Colborne and Fenwick Nix

Carvell Alexander Nix

M, #62981, b. circa 1911, d. April 5, 1977
     Carvell Alexander Nix was born circa 1911 at Collingwood Corner, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada, 45.608335,-63.936111. He was the son of Fenwick Nix and Annie Colborne. He married Lola Mae Thompson circa 1931. He married Josephine Higgs circa 1950. Carvell Alexander Nix died on April 5, 1977. He was buried after April 5, 1977 at Oxford Pine Grove Cemetery, Collingwood Corner, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada, 45.608335,-63.936111.

Evelyn Nix

F, #62984, b. circa 1919, d. circa 1977
     Evelyn Nix was born circa 1919. She was the daughter of Fenwick Nix and Annie Colborne. Evelyn Nix died circa 1977.

Edward Kirkpatrick

M, #62991, b. 1847, d. after 1871
     Edward Kirkpatrick was born in 1847. He was the son of George Kirkpatrick and Mary Jane Gibson. Edward Kirkpatrick died after 1871.

He appeared on the census of 1871.

Dorothy Dewis

F, #62992, b. circa 1920, d. circa 2002
     Dorothy Dewis was born circa 1920. She married Henry Carvel McCormick circa 1940. Dorothy Dewis died circa 2002.

Children of Dorothy Dewis and Henry Carvel McCormick

Clayton Dewis McCormick

M, #62993, b. circa 1942, d. before 2002
     Clayton Dewis McCormick was born circa 1942. He was the son of Henry Carvel McCormick and Dorothy Dewis. Clayton Dewis McCormick died before 2002.

Charles Murray McCormick

M, #62994, b. circa 1944, d. before 2002
     Charles Murray McCormick was born circa 1944. He was the son of Henry Carvel McCormick and Dorothy Dewis. Charles Murray McCormick died before 2002.