Clayton Rushton

M, #36551, b. 1905, d. March 26, 1984
     Clayton Rushton was born in 1905. He married Annie Beatrice Halliday circa 1925. Clayton Rushton died on March 26, 1984.

Children of Clayton Rushton and Annie Beatrice Halliday

  • Clayton Rushton
  • Frederick Murray Rushton

Mae C Millet

F, #36553, b. circa 1913, d. circa August 5, 2000
     Mae C Millet was born circa 1913. She married Ivan Dixon Halliday circa 1933. Mae C Millet died circa August 5, 2000.

Children of Mae C Millet and Ivan Dixon Halliday

  • Jean Halliday
  • Shelia Halliday

Annie Louise Pauline Jobe

F, #36556, b. 1913, d. September 28, 1998
     Annie Louise Pauline Jobe was born in 1913. She married Cecil Rhodes Halliday circa 1933. Annie Louise Pauline Jobe died on September 28, 1998.

As of 1913, Annie Louise Pauline Jobe was also known as Annie Louise Pauline Jobbe.

Children of Annie Louise Pauline Jobe and Cecil Rhodes Halliday

Guy Alton Demings

M, #36559, b. August 24, 1899, d. November 23, 1987
     Guy Alton Demings was born on August 24, 1899. He married Harriett Amelia Stonehouse on October 6, 1920 at Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada, 45.365061,-63.279561. Guy Alton Demings died on November 23, 1987 at Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 44.646251,-63.573545, at age 88. He was buried after November 23, 1987 at Millvale United Church Cemetery, Millvale, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada, 45.637168,-63.817208.

Children of Guy Alton Demings and Harriett Amelia Stonehouse

Elsie Eunice Tully

F, #36566, b. 1912
     Elsie Eunice Tully was born in 1912. She was the daughter of Clarence W Tully and Dorothy Shipley. She married Albert Lowther circa 1932.

Children of Elsie Eunice Tully and Albert Lowther

  • Thelma Lowther
  • Judy Lowther
  • Garry Lowther
  • Alma Viola Lowther b. circa 1940, d. circa 1940

Joseph Abner Adshade

M, #36570, b. circa 1884
     Joseph Abner Adshade was born circa 1884. He married Mary Elizabeth Dobson circa 1904.

Child of Joseph Abner Adshade and Mary Elizabeth Dobson

Mary Elizabeth Dobson

F, #36571, b. circa 1884
     Mary Elizabeth Dobson was born circa 1884. She married Joseph Abner Adshade circa 1904.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Dobson and Joseph Abner Adshade

Elda Hunsley

F, #36573, b. 1918, d. August 15, 2011
     Elda Hunsley was born in 1918. She married Norman Miller Lowther circa 1938. Elda Hunsley died on August 15, 2011.

Children of Elda Hunsley and Norman Miller Lowther

  • Borden Lowther
  • Diane Lowther
  • Helen Lowther
  • Mabel Lowther
  • Mary Lowther
  • Vivian Lowther

Johnson Burnett

M, #36587, b. circa 1914
     Johnson Burnett was born circa 1914. He married Ruby Lowther circa 1950.

Carolyn Evans

F, #36599, b. circa 1922
     Carolyn Evans was born circa 1922. She married Angus MacEchern circa 1942.

Children of Carolyn Evans and Angus MacEchern

  • Lorri MacEchern
  • Krista MacEchern