Harritte Griffiths

F, #77951, b. circa 1879
     Harritte Griffiths was born circa 1879 at Montgomeryshire, Wales, 52.583333,-3.500001. She was the daughter of Edward Griffiths and Hannah (--?--).

(--?--) Dadson

M, #77952
     He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1952.

Children of (--?--) Dadson and (--?--) (--?--)

Phoebe Spencer

F, #77953, b. February 11, 1887
     Phoebe Spencer was born on February 11, 1887. She was the daughter of Samuel Spencer and Sarah Elizabeth Pierce. She married Charles Wellstead circa 1907.

Child of Phoebe Spencer and Charles Wellstead

(--?--) Mauger

M, #77954, b. circa 1877
     (--?--) Mauger was born circa 1877. He married Lena May Logue circa 1897.

Olivia Sybil Dykes

F, #77955
     Olivia Sybil Dykes is the daughter of David Taylor and Kara Dianna Dykes.

(--?--) (--?--)

F, #77956
     She married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1986.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and (--?--) (--?--)

John Symons Blatchford

M, #77957, b. circa 1841
     John Symons Blatchford was born circa 1841 at Devon, England, 50.715556,3.530833. He married Margarette Blatchford Hayes circa 1862 at Oxford, Ontario, Canada, 42.966667,-80.800001.

Children of John Symons Blatchford and Margarette Blatchford Hayes

John Davies

M, #77958
     He married Valery Ann Dykes on April 19, 1969.

William Gunn

M, #77959, b. 1869
James Ogden
     William Gunn was born in 1869. He was the son of Alexander Gunn and Susan Ogden.

Herbert Markwart

M, #77960
     He married Thersa Doreen Pritchard on November 5, 1948.

Children of Herbert Markwart and Thersa Doreen Pritchard

Sarah Pierce

F, #77962, b. circa March 17, 1799
     Sarah Pierce was born circa March 17, 1799. She was the daughter of William Pierce Sr and Margaret Moody.

Marie Ducharme

F, #77963
     She married David Lloyd George Phillips circa 1936.

Mariam Reeves

F, #77964, b. September, 1901
     Mariam Reeves was born in September, 1901 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. She was the daughter of Joseph Reeves Sr and Annie Ribinthall.

William Probert

M, #77965, b. 1845, d. March 6, 1906

Children of William Probert and Mary Ann Pierce

Child of William Probert and Isabel Annie Probert

Bertram Pritchard

M, #77966, b. circa 1901
     Bertram Pritchard was born circa 1901 at Great Ness, Shropshire, England, 52.756151,2.905288. He was the son of Thomas Pritchard and Martha Elizabeth Beddow.

Rose Rebecca Piearce

F, #77967, b. February 27, 1894, d. September 14, 1993
     Rose Rebecca Piearce was born on February 27, 1894 at Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England, 52.407201,-1.927201. She was the daughter of William Pierce and Alice Griffiths. She married Ernest Hally on June 2, 1917 at St. Mary's, Church of England, Sydney, Cumberland, New South Wales, Australia, -33.760701,150.777401. Rose Rebecca Piearce died on September 14, 1993 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, -33.865001,151.209444, at age 99.

Children of Rose Rebecca Piearce and Ernest Hally

Fred Radke

M, #77968
     Fred Radke is the son of August Radke and Louisa Freiwald.

Margret Henderson

F, #77970
     Margret Henderson is the daughter of John A Henderson and Jane McLean.

Stephen Koonts Sr

M, #77971
     He married Joan Boyce circa 1970.

Children of Stephen Koonts Sr and Joan Boyce

Viola May Cave

F, #77972
     Viola May Cave is the daughter of Robert Thomas Cave and Georgina May White. She married (--?--) Fex circa 1947.

William Ludlow

M, #77973, b. circa 1877, d. October 30, 1918
James Ogden
     William Ludlow was born circa 1877 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. He was the son of Richard Ludlow and Emily Ogden. William Ludlow died on October 30, 1918 at British Columbia, Canada, 54.000001,-125.000001.

(--?--) (--?--)

M, #77974
     He married Muriel Lavinia Lloyd circa 1933.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and Muriel Lavinia Lloyd

Reg Edwards

M, #77975
     Reg Edwards is the son of William Edwards and (--?--) (--?--).

Louise Vachon dit Robert

F, #77976, b. December 18, 1788
     Louise Vachon dit Robert was born on December 18, 1788 at Oka-sur-la-Montagne, Québec, Canada, 45.503888,-74.067777. She was the daughter of Joseph Vachon dit Robert Sr and Charlotte Brabant.

As of December 18, 1788, Louise Vachon dit Robert was also known as Marie Vachon dit Robert.

Sarah Moody

F, #77977, b. July, 1747
     Sarah Moody was born in July, 1747 at Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828. She was the daughter of Job Moodey and Catherine Kynaston.

Elizabeth (--?--)

F, #77979, b. circa 1852
     Elizabeth (--?--) was born circa 1852. She was the daughter of (--?--) (--?--) and Elizabeth (--?--). She married (--?--) McKenzie circa 1874.

Child of Elizabeth (--?--) and (--?--) McKenzie

Marie-Anne Riquet

M, #77980, b. November 15, 1732
     Marie-Anne Riquet was born on November 15, 1732 at Terrebonne, Terrebonne, Québec, Canada, 45.700001,-73.633333. He was the son of Jean Riquet and Marie-Anne Laverdure.

Hilda Catharine White

F, #77981, b. March 18, 1900, d. January, 1978
     Hilda Catharine White was born on March 18, 1900 at Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada, 44.569811,-80.930671. She was the daughter of George Peter White and Mary Ann Johnson. She married William Robert Graham Farrell on June 19, 1919 at Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 48.401388,-89.267777. Hilda Catharine White died in January, 1978 at Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.169511,-81.634841, at age 77. She was buried in January, 1978 at Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.169511,-81.634841.

Children of Hilda Catharine White and William Robert Graham Farrell

Dell Utting

F, #77982
     Dell Utting is the daughter of Timothy Utting and Edna Hally.

Auna Vermette

F, #77983
James Ogden
     Auna Vermette is the daughter of Mark Antony Vermette and Marney Stevens.

Jonathan Martin Price

M, #77984
     Jonathan Martin Price is the son of Godfrey Noel Price and Dorothy Challinor.

Mary Ogden

F, #77985, b. May, 1877
James Ogden
     Mary Ogden was born in May, 1877 at Pennsylvania, United States, 41.000001,-77.500001. She was the daughter of Alexander John Ogden and Eleanor Brandon.

Thomas Piearce

M, #77986, b. circa 1890
     Thomas Piearce was born circa 1890 at Halesowen, Worcestershire, England, 52.444949,-2.060276. He was the son of William Pierce and Alice Griffiths. He married Lizzie Dingley circa 1910.

Children of Thomas Piearce and Lizzie Dingley

Mary Alena McTaggart

F, #77987, b. June 29, 1868, d. 1951
     Mary Alena McTaggart was born on June 29, 1868 at Cannifton, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, 44.200555,-77.391666. She was the daughter of Robert McTaggart and Dency Ann Canniff. Mary Alena McTaggart died in 1951 at Daly, Manitoba, Canada, 49.816667,-101.150001.

Joanne Taylor

F, #77988
     Joanne Taylor is the daughter of Barry Taylor and (--?--) (--?--).

Catherine Wright

F, #77989, b. circa 1866
     Catherine Wright was born circa 1866. She married Thomas Wallace circa 1886.

Child of Catherine Wright and Thomas Wallace

(--?--) Wallace

M, #77990, b. circa 1755
     (--?--) Wallace was born circa 1755 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1775.

Child of (--?--) Wallace and (--?--) (--?--)

S Ester White

F, #77991, b. 1868
     S Ester White was born in 1868 at Sydenham, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, 44.408611,-76.595833. She was the daughter of Robert White and Catherine McArthur. She married (--?--) Caton circa 1888.

Gladys (--?--)

F, #77992
James Ogden
     She married Alan C Ogden circa 1936.

Child of Gladys (--?--) and Alan C Ogden

Danna Leanne Dobson

F, #77993
     Danna Leanne Dobson is the daughter of William Robert Dobson and Catherine Elizabeth Burns. She married Chris Eggink circa 1982.

Janet Isabel Roberts

F, #77994

Child of Janet Isabel Roberts and Ian David McKenzie

Thomas Charles Parker

M, #77995, b. April 1, 1926, d. November 30, 1981
     Thomas Charles Parker was born on April 1, 1926 at Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.374972,-102.577258. He was the son of William Robert Parker and Esther Jane MacKenzie. He married Muriel Elizabeth Pritchard on August 12, 1954 at Canada, 56.130278,-106.346667. Thomas Charles Parker died on November 30, 1981 at Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.374972,-102.577258, at age 55. He was buried on November 30, 1981 at Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.374972,-102.577258.

Samuel David Ramsay

M, #77996
     Samuel David Ramsay is the son of David Colin Ramsay and (--?--) (--?--).

Florence Simpson

F, #77998, b. circa 1854
     Florence Simpson was born circa 1854 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. She was the daughter of (--?--) Simpson and (--?--) (--?--). She married Frederick Charles Lewis Heath circa 1925.

Thomas Vaughan

M, #77999, b. March 31, 1824
     Thomas Vaughan was born on March 31, 1824. He was the son of Richard Vaughan and Mary Davies.

Bertha Paulson

F, #78000, b. January, 1884, d. April 14, 1974
     Bertha Paulson was born in January, 1884 at Kimball, Steams, Minnesota, United States, 45.316667,-94.300001. She married Jacob R Olson on June 12, 1909 at Jackson, Jackson, Minnesota, United States, 43.620791,-94.988602. Bertha Paulson died on April 14, 1974 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 52.139651,-106.686183, at age 90. She was buried on April 14, 1974 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 52.139651,-106.686183.

Children of Bertha Paulson and Jacob R Olson

Samuel Pierce

M, #78001, b. February, 1736
     Samuel Pierce was born in February, 1736 at Cardeston, Shropshire, England, 52.702219,-2.904172. He was the son of John Pierce and Susannah LeROY.

Paul Griffiths

M, #78002
     Paul Griffiths is the son of Royston Griffiths and Jean Edwards.

Archibald F Scott

M, #78003, b. 1883
     Archibald F Scott was born in 1883 at Paisley, Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.307501,-81.274165. He was the son of Robert Scott and Euphemia McTaggart.

John Frederick Hamlyn

M, #78004, b. December 22, 1861
     John Frederick Hamlyn was born on December 22, 1861 at St Sepulchre, London, Greater London, England, 51.516667,-0.100001. He was the son of William Hamlyn Jr and Caroline Gardienea Green.