Lang Hames

M, #78217
     Lang Hames is the son of (--?--) Hames and Toni (--?--).

Julie Veresh

F, #78219
     Julie Veresh is the daughter of David Veresh and Dianne Pritchard.

Emma Hobbs

F, #78220, b. circa 1856
     Emma Hobbs was born circa 1856 at Salesbury, Ribble Valley, Lancashire, England, 53.783271,-2.502305. She married Charles Hobbs circa 1878.

Children of Emma Hobbs and Charles Hobbs

Grace Davies

F, #78222
     Grace Davies is the daughter of Martin Davies and Gillian Heather Groves.

Jean Elizabeth Roberts

F, #78223

Maria de Haan

F, #78224
     Maria de Haan is the daughter of Willem de Haan and Johanna (--?--).

Martha Coburn

F, #78225
     Martha Coburn is the daughter of Robert Coburn and Emma Fraser.

Douglas John Dobson

M, #78226
     Douglas John Dobson is the son of William Robert Dobson and Catherine Elizabeth Burns. Douglas John Dobson and Gail Clarkson became companions circa 2010.

(--?--) Pearce

M, #78227, b. circa 1627
     (--?--) Pearce was born circa 1627 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1641.

Child of (--?--) Pearce and (--?--) (--?--)

William Vaughan Sr

M, #78228, b. October 21, 1853, d. September 3, 1919
     William Vaughan Sr was born on October 21, 1853 at Sandford Heath, West Felton, Shropshire, England, 52.226828,-2.748074. He was the son of Edward Vaughan and Mary Kent. He married Eliza Rebecca Pierce on March 25, 1878 at West Felton, Shropshire, England, 52.818471,-2.980777. William Vaughan Sr died on September 3, 1919 at Priory Hill, Brecon, Brecknockshire, Wales, 51.942191,-3.397988, at age 65.

Children of William Vaughan Sr and Eliza Rebecca Pierce

Benjamin Pierce Sr

M, #78229, b. 1733, d. January 15, 1802
     Benjamin Pierce Sr was born in 1733 at Cardeston, Shropshire, England, 52.702219,-2.904172. He was the son of John Pierce and Susannah LeROY. He married Margaret James on May 19, 1760 at Alberbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.723001,-2.950201. Benjamin Pierce Sr died on January 15, 1802 at Alberbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.723001,-2.950201. He was buried on January 15, 1802.

Children of Benjamin Pierce Sr and Margaret James

Humphrey Kynaston

M, #78231, b. December 7, 1687, d. April, 1733
     Humphrey Kynaston was born on December 7, 1687 at Llansantffraid ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire, Wales, 52.771935,-3.157608. He married Elizabeth (--?--) circa 1709. Humphrey Kynaston died in April, 1733 at Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828, at age 45.

Children of Humphrey Kynaston and Elizabeth (--?--)

Aaron Pritchard

M, #78232
     Aaron Pritchard is the son of Brian Pritchard and Gail (--?--).

Elizabeth Hess

F, #78233
     She married Jacob Black circa 1869.

Child of Elizabeth Hess and Jacob Black

Thomas Vaughan

M, #78234
     Thomas Vaughan is the son of John Vaughan and Jane Farmer.

James Thomas White

M, #78235, b. circa 1860, d. September 3, 1924
     James Thomas White was born circa 1860 at Sydenham, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, 44.408611,-76.595833. He was the son of Robert White and Catherine McArthur. He married Janet Madaal circa 1910. James Thomas White died on September 3, 1924 at Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Beatrice Rebecca Evans

F, #78236, b. October 13, 1890, d. June 12, 1976
     Beatrice Rebecca Evans was born on October 13, 1890 at Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773414,-2.994587. She was the daughter of Alfred Evans and Amelia Martha Pierce. She married Ernest Percy Pritchard on April 6, 1912 at Forden, Montgomeryshire, Wales, 52.592179,-3.152863. Beatrice Rebecca Evans died on June 12, 1976 at Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.331152,-102.269852, at age 85.

As of October 13, 1890, Beatrice Rebecca Evans was also known as Beattie Evans.

Children of Beatrice Rebecca Evans and Ernest Percy Pritchard

Trevor Murphy

M, #78237
     Trevor Murphy is the son of Murray Murphy and Laurel June Roberts. He married Yasmin (--?--) circa 1987.

William Pritchard

M, #78238, b. circa 1825
     William Pritchard was born circa 1825 at Alberbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.723001,-2.950201. He married Mary (--?--) circa 1850.

Children of William Pritchard and Mary (--?--)

Patrick W McLellan

M, #78239
     Patrick W McLellan is the son of John Frederick McLellan and Raeleen M Grills.

Frank McKinley

M, #78240
     He married Marian Vaughn circa 1943.

Carol de Haan

F, #78241
     Carol de Haan is the daughter of Cornelis de Haan and Grietje (--?--).

Kathryn Vaughn

F, #78242
     Kathryn Vaughn is the daughter of Charles K Vaughn and Esther (--?--). She married Louis Mishler circa 1945.

Charles Wellstead

M, #78244, b. circa 1887
     Charles Wellstead was born circa 1887. He married Phoebe Spencer circa 1907.

Child of Charles Wellstead and Phoebe Spencer

Elizabeth Pearce

F, #78245, b. December, 1699
     Elizabeth Pearce was born in December, 1699 at Newport, Shropshire, England, 52.900295,-2.863691. She was the daughter of Gabriel Pierce Sr and Mary Meredith.

Dennis Edwards

M, #78246
     Dennis Edwards is the son of William Edwards and (--?--) (--?--). He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1942.

Child of Dennis Edwards and (--?--) (--?--)

John A Henderson

M, #78248, b. circa 1832
     John A Henderson was born circa 1832 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. He was the son of (--?--) Henderson and Sydney (--?--). He married Jane McLean circa 1854.

Children of John A Henderson and Jane McLean

Sarah Pierce

F, #78249, b. circa 1842
     Sarah Pierce was born circa 1842 at Shrawardine, Shropshire, England, 52.729185,-2.904731. She was the daughter of William Pierce Jr and Elizabeth Yeomans.

Henrietta Ogden

F, #78250, b. 1856, d. February 2, 1890
James Ogden
     Henrietta Ogden was born in 1856 at Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.832661,-80.537891. She was the daughter of Edward Ogden and Sydney Smith. Henrietta Ogden died on February 2, 1890 at Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.832661,-80.537891.

Anthony O'Connor

M, #78251
     He married Julie Mansell circa 1982.

Child of Anthony O'Connor and Julie Mansell

Marie-Charlotte Riquet

M, #78252, b. June 18, 1726, d. circa 1754
     Marie-Charlotte Riquet was born on June 18, 1726 at Varennes, Varennes, Québec, Canada, 46.593333,-72.037778. He was the son of Francois-Jean Riquet and Marie-Anne Renault. Marie-Charlotte Riquet died circa 1754. He was buried on April 30, 1754 at Terrebonne, Terrebonne, Québec, Canada, 45.700001,-73.633333.

James Titmus

M, #78253, b. September 10, 1828, d. September 9, 1904
     James Titmus was born on September 10, 1828 at Bassingbourn, South Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire, England, 52.069407,-0.061029. He married Margaret (--?--) circa 1856. James Titmus died on September 9, 1904 at Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.500001,-81.250001, at age 75.

Child of James Titmus and Margaret (--?--)

Thomas Taylor

M, #78254
     Thomas Taylor is the son of Joseph Taylor and Elizabeth Spencer. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1942.

Child of Thomas Taylor and (--?--) (--?--)

John Arthur Lindberg

M, #78255
     John Arthur Lindberg is the son of Frank P Lindberg and Ellen J Johnson.

Iris Hally

F, #78256
     Iris Hally is the daughter of Ernest Hally and Rose Rebecca Piearce.

Thomas Pritchard

M, #78257, b. June 11, 1852, d. July 10, 1921
     Thomas Pritchard was born on June 11, 1852 at Great Ness, Shropshire, England, 52.756151,2.905288. He was the son of William Pritchard and Mary (--?--). He married Martha Elizabeth Beddow on May 20, 1880 at Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828. Thomas Pritchard died on July 10, 1921 at Shrewsbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.703256,-2.756198, at age 69.

Children of Thomas Pritchard and Martha Elizabeth Beddow

Jan Rita Roberts

F, #78258
     Jan Rita Roberts is the daughter of Thomas Roberts and Janet Smethurst.

Catherine Coburn

F, #78260, b. April 19, 1850, d. July 3, 1917
     Catherine Coburn was born on April 19, 1850 at Renfrew, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.473201,-76.682821. She was the daughter of Robert Coburn and Emma Fraser. Catherine Coburn died on July 3, 1917 at Renfrew, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.473201,-76.682821, at age 67.

As of April 19, 1850, Catherine Coburn was also known as Kate Coburn.

(--?--) Hames

M, #78261
     He married Toni (--?--) circa 1982.

Children of (--?--) Hames and Toni (--?--)

Joyce Craemar

F, #78262
     Joyce Craemar is the daughter of Glenn Craemar and Helen Marie Vaughan. She married Craig Fuell circa 1970.

Robert Wallace

M, #78263, b. October 5, 1840, d. August 28, 1905
     Robert Wallace was born on October 5, 1840 at Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, 45.143611,-75.608333. He was the son of John Wallace and Anne Cooper. Robert Wallace died on August 28, 1905 at Grant, Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, 50.126315,-86.301713, at age 64.

Gail (--?--)

F, #78264
     She married Brian Pritchard circa 1992.

Children of Gail (--?--) and Brian Pritchard

Edna Hally

F, #78265
     Edna Hally is the daughter of Ernest Hally and Rose Rebecca Piearce. She married Timothy Utting circa 1941.

Child of Edna Hally and Timothy Utting

John Merrick

M, #78266, b. July 16, 1797, d. October 27, 1824
     John Merrick was born on July 16, 1797 at Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States, 40.340001,-75.110001. He married Mary Penrose circa 1818. John Merrick died on October 27, 1824 at Bradford West Gwillimbury, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, 44.137371,-79.617311, at age 27.

Child of John Merrick and Mary Penrose

Dr Marvin William Farrell

M, #78267
     Dr Marvin William Farrell is the son of William Robert Graham Farrell and Hilda Catharine White.

Harry Arthur Logue

M, #78268, b. March, 1883, d. September 19, 1943
     Harry Arthur Logue was born in March, 1883 at Allison, Clinton, Pennsylvannia, United States, 41.148929,-77.477672. He was the son of John T Logue and Barbara Anna Henry. Harry Arthur Logue married Marie Adele Ogden, daughter of Alexander John Ogden and Eleanor Brandon, on June 17, 1903 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States, 40.441901,-79.907201. Harry Arthur Logue died on September 19, 1943 at Warren, Trumbull, Ohio, United States, 41.238333,-80.814444, at age 60.

Hally Hames

F, #78269
     Hally Hames is the daughter of (--?--) Hames and Toni (--?--).

Richard Vaughan

M, #78271, b. May 8, 1809
     Richard Vaughan was born on May 8, 1809. He was the son of Richard Vaughan and Mary Davies.

Ellen J Johnson

F, #78272, b. September, 1881
     Ellen J Johnson was born in September, 1881 at Sweden, 63.000001,16.000001. She was the daughter of August Johnson and Hannah Peterson. She married Frank P Lindberg on April 25, 1900 at Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa, United States, 42.492764,-92.342963.