James Yeomans

M, #77851, b. circa 1832
     James Yeomans was born circa 1832. He was the son of Thomas Yeomans and Sarah Diggory.

Arlene Dorothy Hubbard

F, #77852
     Arlene Dorothy Hubbard is the daughter of Thomas Hubbard and Dorothy Rhoda Fowler.

Blorice M Creamer

F, #77853
     Blorice M Creamer is the daughter of George J Creamer and Helen M (--?--).

Robert Mark Edwards

M, #77854
     Robert Mark Edwards is the son of George Robert Edwards and Alwena Mair Lloyd. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1985.

Children of Robert Mark Edwards and (--?--) (--?--)

Amelia Pritchard

F, #77855, b. circa 1906, d. circa 1906
     Amelia Pritchard was born circa 1906. She was the daughter of Thomas Pritchard and Martha Elizabeth Beddow. Amelia Pritchard died circa 1906.

(--?--) (--?--)

F, #77856, b. circa 1788
     (--?--) (--?--) was born circa 1788. She married Abraham Deitz circa 1808.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and Abraham Deitz

David Higgins

M, #77857
     He married Nicola Jane Edwards circa 1987.

Child of David Higgins and Nicola Jane Edwards

Edward C Patchell

M, #77858, b. 1841
     Edward C Patchell was born in 1841 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. He was the son of Robert Guilby Patchell and Delilah Merrick.

Olive Farrell

F, #77859
     Olive Farrell is the daughter of William Robert Graham Farrell and Hilda Catharine White.

Robert Thomas Edwin Price

M, #77860, b. December 28, 1911, d. May 30, 1999
     Robert Thomas Edwin Price was born on December 28, 1911. He was the son of Robert Price and Annie Pearce. He married Anne Angus Mortimer on June 27, 1945. Robert Thomas Edwin Price died on May 30, 1999 at Bomere Heath, Shropshire, England, 52.765984,-2.786926, at age 87. He was buried on May 30, 1999 at Holy Trinity Church, Bomere Heath, Shropshire, England, 52.765984,-2.786926.

As of December 29, 1911, Robert Thomas Edwin Price was also known as Eddie Price.

William Pierce

M, #77861, b. 1832
     William Pierce was born in 1832 at Montford, Shropshire, England, 52.720418,-2.874937. He was the son of William Pierce Jr and Elizabeth Yeomans.

Dan Pontius

M, #77862
     Dan Pontius married Elizabeth Ashley Tiffin, daughter of Donald Tiffin and Gerri Anne Deagle, on July 30, 2015.

Child of Dan Pontius and Elizabeth Ashley Tiffin

Peter McArthur Jr

M, #77863, b. May 15, 1823, d. January 25, 1910
     Peter McArthur Jr was born on May 15, 1823 at Scotland, 56.490556,-4.202501. He was the son of Peter McArthur and Ann Sudden. Peter McArthur Jr died on January 25, 1910 at Brandon, Rural Municipality of Woodworth, Manitoba, Canada, 49.846944,-99.952222, at age 86.

Kyle Whittacase

M, #77864
     Kyle Whittacase is the son of Martin Whittacase and Sharron Davies.

Raymond Lindberg

M, #77865
     Raymond Lindberg is the son of Frank P Lindberg and Ellen J Johnson.

Edward George Thomas

M, #77866

George Amos McCagar

M, #77867, b. July 10, 1875, d. July 14, 1950
     George Amos McCagar was born on July 10, 1875 at Clarence, Prescott and Russell, Ontario, Canada, 45.564001,-75.248211. He was the son of Albert McCargar and Margaret Wallace. George Amos McCagar died on July 14, 1950 at Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota, United States, 44.163577,-93.999399, at age 75.

Michael Allan Vandenberg

M, #77868
     Michael Allan Vandenberg is the son of Jacob Pieter Vandenberg and Loa Patricia Schutz.

Robert Scott

M, #77869, b. 1841
     Robert Scott was born in 1841 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. He married Euphemia McTaggart circa 1876.

Children of Robert Scott and Euphemia McTaggart

Karen Louise Thornsbury

F, #77870, b. December 7, 1940, d. September 28, 1989
Karen Louise Thornsbury (1940 - 1989)
     Karen Louise Thornsbury was born on December 7, 1940 at Ohio, United States, 40.500001,-82.500001. She married Edward C Vaughan I on January 16, 1960 at Solon, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States, 41.389776,-81.441225. Karen Louise Thornsbury died on September 28, 1989 at Twinsburg, Summit, Ohio, United States, 41.312555,-81.440112, at age 48. She was buried on September 28, 1989 at Grave Crown Hill, Twinsburg, Summit, Ohio, United States, 41.312555,-81.440112.

Dominic Daniel Joshua Brick

M, #77871
     Dominic Daniel Joshua Brick is the son of Jonathan Joseph Brick and Josephine Mary Edwards. He married Claire Louise Mason circa 2001.

Children of Dominic Daniel Joshua Brick and Claire Louise Mason

Betsy Jane McLellan

F, #77872, b. April 14, 1870, d. August 22, 1953
     Betsy Jane McLellan was born on April 14, 1870 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. She was the daughter of Murdock McLellan and Sarah McArthur. Betsy Jane McLellan died on August 22, 1953 at Seattle, King, Washington, United States, 47.606209,-122.332071, at age 83.

As of April 14, 1870, Betsy Jane McLellan was also known as Bessie McLellan.

Catherine White

F, #77873, b. circa 1863
     Catherine White was born circa 1863 at Sydenham, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, 44.408611,-76.595833. She was the daughter of Robert White and Catherine McArthur. She married Thomas Cairns on November 10, 1885 at Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada, 44.569811,-80.930671.

As of circa 1863, Catherine White was also known as Catherin White.

Duncan McArthur

M, #77874, b. circa 1800, d. after 1800
     Duncan McArthur was born circa 1800 at Scotland, 56.490556,-4.202501. He was the son of (--?--) McArthur and (--?--) (--?--). Duncan McArthur died after 1800 at Grey, Ontario, Canada, 44.465831,-80.632501.

Jens Pontius

F, #77875
     Jens Pontius is the daughter of Dan Pontius and Elizabeth Ashley Tiffin.

George Henry Lloyd

M, #77876, b. March 11, 1886, d. May 25, 1940
     George Henry Lloyd was born on March 11, 1886. He was the son of Ellis Lloyd and Emma France. He married Edith Pearce in April, 1912 at Whitchurch, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.968701,-2.682044. George Henry Lloyd died on May 25, 1940 at age 54. He was buried on May 25, 1940 at St Phillips Church, Pencombe, Herefordshire, England, 2.171805,-2.585941.

Children of George Henry Lloyd and Edith Pearce

Mary Magdalena Winner

F, #77877, b. October, 1822, d. November 20, 1911
     Mary Magdalena Winner was born in October, 1822 at Hesse, Germany, 50.651944,9.162222. She married Jacob Heinrich Sr circa 1845. Mary Magdalena Winner died on November 20, 1911 at Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.137013,-77.446926, at age 89.

Children of Mary Magdalena Winner and Jacob Heinrich Sr

Helena Louise Burroughs

F, #77878, b. January 21, 1919, d. May, 1991
     Helena Louise Burroughs was born on January 21, 1919 at Rochford, Essex, England, 51.577838,0.697381. She was the daughter of (--?--) Burroughs and Helena Devine. She married Richard Edward Griffiths Jr in March, 1940 at East Ham, Essex, England, 51.528063,0.045635. Helena Louise Burroughs died in May, 1991 at age 72. She was buried in May, 1991 at Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, United States, 36.877925,-76.292441.

Children of Helena Louise Burroughs and Richard Edward Griffiths Jr

John McLellan

M, #77879, b. December 28, 1906, d. June 19, 1990
     John McLellan was born on December 28, 1906 at Seattle, King, Washington, United States, 47.606209,-122.332071. He was the son of John Alexander McLellan and Sarah Ann White. He married Doris Millicent Heath circa 1930. John McLellan died on June 19, 1990 at Riverside, Sacramento, California, United States, 38.519073,-121.520511, at age 83. He was buried after June 19, 1990 at Covina, Los Angeles, California, United States, 34.090009,-117.890339.

As of December 28, 1906, John McLellan was also known as George Watson Gillies.

Children of John McLellan and Doris Millicent Heath

Emmerson Rose Dusting

F, #77880
     Emmerson Rose Dusting is the daughter of Jordan Christopher Dusting and Alyssa (--?--).

John Hayes

M, #77881, b. circa 1820
     John Hayes was born circa 1820 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. He married Elizabeth Blatchford circa 1840.

Child of John Hayes and Elizabeth Blatchford

Richard Moody

M, #77882, b. circa 1731
     Richard Moody was born circa 1731. He married Mary Harris on January 10, 1769 at Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828.

Children of Richard Moody and Mary Harris

Thomas Edwards

M, #77883, b. circa 1883
     Thomas Edwards was born circa 1883. He married Mary Elizabeth Edwards circa 1903. He married Gertrude Amelia D Evans circa 1913.

Children of Thomas Edwards and Mary Elizabeth Edwards

Child of Thomas Edwards and Gertrude Amelia D Evans

Catherine Gunn

F, #77884, b. circa 1859
James Ogden
     Catherine Gunn was born circa 1859. She was the daughter of Alexander Gunn and Susan Ogden.

As of circa 1859, Catherine Gunn was also known as Cath Gunn. As of circa 1859, Catherine Gunn was also known as Kate Gunn.

Eleanor Ellen Everson

F, #77885, b. 1820, d. after 1875
     Eleanor Ellen Everson was born in 1820 at Peel, Ontario, Canada, 43.750001,-79.833333. She married Charles Brandon circa 1836. Eleanor Ellen Everson died after 1875 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001.

Children of Eleanor Ellen Everson and Charles Brandon

Gwynne Gordon Ramsay

M, #77886
     Gwynne Gordon Ramsay is the son of Leslie Ramsay and Laurel Wall. He married Theresa Pierce circa 1973. Gwynne was divorced from an unknown person after 1973.

Charles Vachon dit Robert

M, #77887, b. 1831, d. 1911
     Charles Vachon dit Robert was born in 1831 at Québec, Canada, 52.939722,73.548889. He was the son of Joseph Vachon dit Robert Jr and Marie Charon dit Cabana. Charles Vachon dit Robert died in 1911.

Katherine McLellan

F, #77888, b. 1868, d. October 2, 1908
     Katherine McLellan was born in 1868 at Mount Forest, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.981666,-80.736666. She was the daughter of Murdock McLellan and Sarah McArthur. She married William Gillies circa 1900. Katherine McLellan died on October 2, 1908 at Seattle, King, Washington, United States, 47.606209,-122.332071.

As of 1868, Katherine McLellan was also known as Catherine McLellan.

Children of Katherine McLellan and William Gillies

John Coburn

M, #77889, b. circa 1849
     John Coburn was born circa 1849 at Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 51.253841,-85.323217. He was the son of Robert Coburn and Emma Fraser.

Martin Davies

M, #77890
     He married Gillian Heather Groves circa 1996.

(--?--) (--?--)

M, #77891
     He married Stephanie Lynn Steele circa 2005.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and Stephanie Lynn Steele

August Radke

M, #77892, b. February, 1868
August Radke (1833 - )
     August Radke was born in February, 1868 at Germany, 51.165556,10.451389. He was the son of Charles Radke and Sharlotte (--?--). He married Louisa Freiwald on November 8, 1892 at Renfrew, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.473201,-76.682821.

Children of August Radke and Louisa Freiwald

Martin Whittacase

M, #77893
     He married Sharron Davies circa 1990. Martin was divorced from an unknown person circa 2000.

Annette Edith Griffiths

F, #77894
     Annette Edith Griffiths is the daughter of Richard Edward Griffiths Jr and Helena Louise Burroughs. She married Alan Jamieson circa 1966. She married Barry Arnold on March 15, 1969. Annette was divorced from Barry Arnold in January, 1993. She married Alfred James Brough on April 15, 1995.

Child of Annette Edith Griffiths and Alan Jamieson

Children of Annette Edith Griffiths and Barry Arnold

George Fowler

M, #77895, b. circa 1872
     George Fowler was born circa 1872 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. He was the son of James Fowler and Mary Marshall.

George Ronald Edwards

M, #77896, b. circa 1930, d. after June 25, 1957
     George Ronald Edwards was born circa 1930. He was the son of William Edwards and (--?--) (--?--). He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1950. George Ronald Edwards died after June 25, 1957 at Knockin Heath, Shropshire, England, 52.782647,-2.965145.

As of circa 1930, George Ronald Edwards was also known as Ronnie Edwards. As of circa 1930, George Ronald Edwards was also known as Jack Edwards.

Children of George Ronald Edwards and (--?--) (--?--)

Ellen Heath MacKenzie

F, #77897
     Ellen Heath MacKenzie is the daughter of Lawrence Ray MacKenzie and Adela Myrl Titmus.

Evan Thomas Percy

M, #77898
     Evan Thomas Percy is the son of Dwight Percy and Gwen Pritchard. He married (--?--) Wudrick circa 2000.

(--?--) (--?--)

F, #77899, b. circa 1685
     (--?--) (--?--) was born circa 1685. She married Thomas Denton circa 1705.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and Thomas Denton

Ann Moody

F, #77900
     Ann Moody is the daughter of Roger Kynaston Moody and Mary Harris.