Jesse Logue

M, #77801, b. February 14, 1872, d. December 25, 1953
     Jesse Logue was born on February 14, 1872 at Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.137013,-77.446926. He was the son of John T Logue and Barbara Anna Henry. Jesse Logue died on December 25, 1953 at Warren, Trumball, Ohio, United States, 41.238333,-80.814444, at age 81.

William Robert Parker

M, #77802, b. May 12, 1886, d. October 23, 1965
     William Robert Parker was born on May 12, 1886 at Eastgate, Durham, England, 54.736947,-2.079175. He married Esther Jane MacKenzie on July 25, 1917 at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.416546,-104.588041. William Robert Parker died on October 23, 1965 at Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada, 50.374972,-102.577258, at age 79.

Child of William Robert Parker and Esther Jane MacKenzie

Mary Marshall

F, #77803, b. January 29, 1835, d. November 7, 1902
     Mary Marshall was born on January 29, 1835 at Olden, Yorkshire, England. She married James Fowler on March 23, 1856 at Londesborough, East Yorkshire, England, 53.894053,-0.692825. Mary Marshall died on November 7, 1902 at Wentworth, Ontario, Canada, 43.140001,-80.000001, at age 67.

Children of Mary Marshall and James Fowler

Greenberry W Clantz

M, #77804, b. July 19, 1834
     Greenberry W Clantz was born on July 19, 1834 at Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States, 40.450001,-81.470001. He was the son of Charles Clantz and Anna Maria Catharine Andes.

Jacob Henry Clantz

M, #77805, b. February 28, 1841
     Jacob Henry Clantz was born on February 28, 1841 at Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States, 40.450001,-81.470001. He was the son of Charles Clantz and Anna Maria Catharine Andes.

Betty Pierce

F, #77806, b. circa February 1, 1795
     Betty Pierce was born circa February 1, 1795. She was the daughter of William Pierce Sr and Margaret Moody.

Alexander Gunn

M, #77807, b. circa 1823, d. October 18, 1892
James Ogden
     Alexander Gunn was born circa 1823 at Scotland, 56.490556,-4.202501. He married Susan Ogden circa 1850. Alexander Gunn died on October 18, 1892 at Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States, 42.331427,-83.045753.

Children of Alexander Gunn and Susan Ogden

Margaret Brandon

F, #77808
     Margaret Brandon is the daughter of Charles Brandon and Eleanor Ellen Everson.

Jeremiah Blank

M, #77809, b. circa 1880
     Jeremiah Blank was born circa 1880 at Eastern Passage, Haqlifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 44.611656,-63.494098. He married Winnifred Keating circa 1900.

Child of Jeremiah Blank and Winnifred Keating

Mary Kent

F, #77810, b. circa 1818
     Mary Kent was born circa 1818. She married Edward Vaughan circa 1852.

Child of Mary Kent and Edward Vaughan

Barbara Mary Wood

F, #77811

Hallie McKenzie Coburn

F, #77812, b. July 14, 1886
     Hallie McKenzie Coburn was born on July 14, 1886 at Pembroke, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.820555,-77.111111. She was the daughter of Alexander Robertson Coburn and Victoria Adelaide Wallace.

Andre Danyliu

M, #77813
     Andre Danyliu is the son of (--?--) Danyliu and Meredith Norton.

Wyn Roberts

M, #77814
     He married Glenys Williams in March, 1968.

Children of Wyn Roberts and Glenys Williams

Ross Coburn

M, #77815
     Ross Coburn is the son of Dr Cecil Irwin Coburn and Minerva Myrtle Radke.

Adrian Evans

M, #77816
     Adrian Evans is the son of David Evans and Diane Foulkes.

Phillip Scott Vaughan

M, #77817
     Phillip Scott Vaughan is the son of Edward C Vaughan I and Karen Louise Thornsbury.

Winnifred Keating

F, #77818, b. circa 1880
     Winnifred Keating was born circa 1880. She married Jeremiah Blank circa 1900.

Child of Winnifred Keating and Jeremiah Blank

Jacques Riquet

M, #77819, b. circa 1655
     Jacques Riquet was born circa 1655. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1675.

Child of Jacques Riquet and (--?--) (--?--)

Dwight Lyman Coburn

M, #77820, b. July 23, 1884
     Dwight Lyman Coburn was born on July 23, 1884 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. He was the son of Alexander Robertson Coburn and Victoria Adelaide Wallace. He married Isabella Eileen Wallace on July 3, 1916 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001.

Dimmie (--?--)

F, #77821
     She married Frank Wellstead circa 1929.

Children of Dimmie (--?--) and Frank Wellstead

Thomas Preeper

M, #77822, b. circa 1875
     Thomas Preeper was born circa 1875 at Dartmouth, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 44.670275,-63.577501. He married Isabella McDonald circa 1895.

Child of Thomas Preeper and Isabella McDonald

Isabella McDonald

F, #77823, b. circa 1875
     Isabella McDonald was born circa 1875. She married Thomas Preeper circa 1895.

Child of Isabella McDonald and Thomas Preeper

Shelley Pritchard

F, #77824
     Shelley Pritchard is the daughter of Allen Pritchard and (--?--) (--?--).

Jacob Black

M, #77825
     He married Elizabeth Hess circa 1869.

Child of Jacob Black and Elizabeth Hess

(--?--) Vaughan

M, #77826, b. circa 1700
     (--?--) Vaughan was born circa 1700 at Shropshire, England, 52.616667,-2.716667. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1720.

Child of (--?--) Vaughan and (--?--) (--?--)

Henry Foulkes

M, #77827, b. 1873, d. May 1, 1952
     Henry Foulkes was born in 1873 at Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773538,-2.979767. He was the son of (--?--) Foulkes and (--?--) (--?--). He married Isabel Annie Probert in 1900. Henry Foulkes died on May 1, 1952.

As of 1873, Henry Foulkes was also known as Harry Foulkes.

Children of Henry Foulkes and Isabel Annie Probert

Ernest Eric Widdon

M, #77828, b. November 5, 1907, d. April, 1999
     Ernest Eric Widdon was born on November 5, 1907 at Torquay, Devon, England, 50.456675,-3.536861. He married Gertrude Stone in September, 1937 at St. John's Church, Wembley, Middlesex, England, 51.551767,-0.313906. Ernest Eric Widdon died in April, 1999 at Cornwall, England, 50.300001,-4.900001, at age 91.

Children of Ernest Eric Widdon and Gertrude Stone

Aaron Herbert Pearce

M, #77829, b. December 2, 1894, d. August 11, 1978
     Aaron Herbert Pearce was born on December 2, 1894 at Bankfields, Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773414,-2.994587. He was the son of Thomas Pearce Jr and Mary Lloyd. He married Annie May Dalgleish on August 13, 1964 at Brandon, Rural Municipality of Woodworth, Manitoba, Canada, 49.846944,-99.952222. Aaron Herbert Pearce died on August 11, 1978 at Brandon, Rural Municipality of Woodworth, Manitoba, Canada, 49.846944,-99.952222, at age 83.

As of December 2, 1894, Aaron Herbert Pearce was also known as Bert Pearce.

Arthur Grigg

M, #77830, b. 1884
     Arthur Grigg was born in 1884 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. He was the son of (--?--) Grigg and Mary Elizabeth White.

Emily Louise Vaughan

F, #77831
     Emily Louise Vaughan is the daughter of Edward C Vaughan II and Julie Piazza.

(--?--) Schroers

M, #77832
     He married Helen Marie DeGroot circa 1975.

Children of (--?--) Schroers and Helen Marie DeGroot

Martha White

F, #77833
     She married Francis John Collier circa 1910.

Child of Martha White and Francis John Collier

Stephen Wood

M, #77834
     Stephen Wood is the son of Gerald Charles Wood and Ann Elizabeth Hodgetts.

William Pearce

M, #77835, b. September, 1694, d. October 21, 1694
     William Pearce was born in September, 1694 at Newport, Shropshire, England, 52.900295,-2.863691. He was the son of Gabriel Pierce Sr and Mary Meredith. William Pearce died on October 21, 1694 at Newport, Shropshire, England, 52.900295,-2.863691.

John Edwards

M, #77836
     John Edwards is the son of William Edwards and (--?--) (--?--).

William Pearce

M, #77837, b. December 30, 1696
     William Pearce was the son of Gabriel Pierce Sr and Mary Meredith.

As of circa December 30, 1696, William Pearce was also known as William Morris.

Jane McLean

F, #77838, b. circa 1833
     Jane McLean was born circa 1833 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. She married John A Henderson circa 1854.

Children of Jane McLean and John A Henderson

Thomas Pearce Jr

M, #77839, b. November 28, 1854, d. September 19, 1924

Children of Thomas Pearce Jr and Mary Lloyd

Nellie Davies

F, #77840
     She married William Probert circa 1925.

Children of Nellie Davies and William Probert

John Ogden

M, #77841, b. 1850
James Ogden
     John Ogden was born in 1850 at Canada, 56.130278,-106.346667. He was the son of Edward Ogden and Sydney Smith.

Albert Edward Henderson

M, #77842, b. July 30, 1871, d. January 15, 1937
     Albert Edward Henderson was born on July 30, 1871 at Felton, Prescott and Russell, Ontario, Canada, 45.206111,-75.327222. He was the son of John A Henderson and Jane McLean. Albert Edward Henderson died on January 15, 1937 at Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, 53.283888,-110.000001, at age 65.

(--?--) Bradley

M, #77843
     (--?--) Bradley married Ruth Elaine DeGroot, daughter of Arthur De Groot and Maartje Groot, circa 1973.

Child of (--?--) Bradley and Ruth Elaine DeGroot

Marguerite Riquet

M, #77844, b. circa 1712
     Marguerite Riquet was born circa 1712. He was the son of Francois-Jean Riquet and Marie-Anne Renault.

Mary Jane Heath

F, #77845, b. May 23, 1862, d. July, 1933
     Mary Jane Heath was born on May 23, 1862 at Puslinch, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.430381,-80.090821. She married George Albert Titmus on December 8, 1880 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. Mary Jane Heath died in July, 1933 at Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada, 50.180555,-100.596111, at age 71. She was buried in July, 1933 at Harding, Manitoba, Canada, 49.990278,-100.532501.

Children of Mary Jane Heath and George Albert Titmus

Ruth Spencer

F, #77846
     Ruth Spencer is the daughter of Samuel Spencer and Sarah Elizabeth Pierce. She married Joseph Ekersley circa 1901.

(--?--) Tacuban

M, #77847
     He married Lynn Stephanie DeGroot circa 1982.

Ann Elizabeth Hodgetts

F, #77848

Children of Ann Elizabeth Hodgetts and Gerald Charles Wood

Edith Rose Hamlyn

F, #77849, b. 1877
     Edith Rose Hamlyn was born in 1877 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. She was the daughter of William Thomas Hamlyn and Eliza Emma Duck.

Joseph Ogden

M, #77850, b. circa 1725, d. after August 26, 1840
     Joseph Ogden was born circa 1725 at Yorkshire, England, 54.000001,-2.000001. He married Susannah LeROY circa 1738. Joseph Ogden died after August 26, 1840 at Québec, Canada, 52.939722,73.548889.

Child of Joseph Ogden and Susannah LeROY