Peter Renshaw

M, #78109

Children of Peter Renshaw and Mary Mansell

Peter de Haan

M, #78110
     Peter de Haan is the son of Cornelis de Haan and Grietje (--?--).

Meredith Wilson

F, #78111
     She married Tyler James Dadson circa 1996.

Child of Meredith Wilson and Tyler James Dadson

Laura Jones

F, #78112
     Laura Jones is the daughter of Mark Jones and Anna Rascacci.

Walter Ireland

M, #78113, b. November 13, 1863, d. November 1, 1941
James Ogden
     Walter Ireland was born on November 13, 1863 at Halton, Ontario, Canada, 43.583333,-79.916667. He was the son of Joseph S Ireland and Jane Williams. He married Florence M Ogden on September 28, 1892 at Grey, Ontario, Canada, 44.465831,-80.632501. Walter Ireland died on November 1, 1941 at St. Barnabus Free Home, Gibsonia, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States, 40.630067,-79.969501, at age 77.

Children of Walter Ireland and Florence M Ogden

August Moon Davy Dadson

M, #78114
     August Moon Davy Dadson is the son of Andrew David Dadson and Elizabeth Davy.

Clark Dobson

M, #78115
     Clark Dobson is the son of Cyril John Dobson and Elsie (--?--).

Andrew Coburn

M, #78117, b. circa 1780, d. circa 1834
     Andrew Coburn was born circa 1780 at Mohill, Leitrim, Connacht, Ireland, 53.922001,-7.866001. He was the son of (--?--) Coburn and (--?--) (--?--). He married Ellen Grey circa 1800 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. He married Rebecca Wallace circa 1810 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. Andrew Coburn died circa 1834 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889.

Children of Andrew Coburn and Ellen Grey

Children of Andrew Coburn and Rebecca Wallace

Emma Jane Henderson

F, #78118, b. March 2, 1865, d. 1942
     Emma Jane Henderson was born on March 2, 1865 at Ontario, Canada, 50.000001,-85.000001. She was the daughter of John A Henderson and Jane McLean. She married Ezekiel James circa 1890. Emma Jane Henderson died in 1942 at Semans, Saskatchewan, Canada, 51.406161,-104.731347.

Children of Emma Jane Henderson and Ezekiel James

Annie Pearce

F, #78119, b. May 26, 1884, d. April 1, 1967
Annie Pearce (1884 - 1967)
     Annie Pearce was born on May 26, 1884 at Bankfields, Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773414,-2.994587. She was the daughter of Thomas Pearce Jr and Mary Lloyd. She married Robert Price on January 30, 1910 at St George's Church, Shrewsbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.703256,-2.756198. Annie Pearce died on April 1, 1967 at The Forge, Nox, Shropshire, England, 52.684464,-2.874218, at age 82.

Children of Annie Pearce and Robert Price

(--?--) (--?--)

M, #78120, b. circa 1842
     (--?--) (--?--) was born circa 1842 at Canada, 56.130278,-106.346667. He married Julia Ann Ogden circa 1858.

Thomas William Pearce

M, #78122, b. December 16, 1887, d. October 25, 1953
     Thomas William Pearce was born on December 16, 1887 at Bankfields, Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773414,-2.994587. He was the son of Thomas Pearce Jr and Mary Lloyd. He married Florence Lilian Spencer on October 5, 1924 at Keyham, Harborough, Leicestershire, England, 52.647607,-1.011141. Thomas William Pearce died on October 25, 1953 at Kingswinford, West Midlands, Staffordshire, England, 52.489781,-2.178157, at age 65.

As of December 17, 1887, Thomas William Pearce was also known as Tom Pearce.

Child of Thomas William Pearce and Florence Lilian Spencer

Marie Riquet

M, #78123, b. July 1, 1705
     Marie Riquet was born on July 1, 1705 at Grondines, Deschambault-Grondines, Québec, Canada, 46.593333,-72.037778. He was the son of Francois-Jean Riquet and Marie-Anne Renault.

George Watson Gillies

M, #78124, b. December 28, 1906, d. June 19, 1990
     George Watson Gillies was born on December 28, 1906 at Seattle, King, Washington, United States, 47.606209,-122.332071. He was the son of William Gillies and Katherine McLellan. George Watson Gillies died on June 19, 1990 at Rancho Mirage, Riverside, California, United States, 33.739744,-116.412791, at age 83.

As of December 28, 1906, George Watson Gillies was also known as John Gillies McLellan.

Hannah Peterson

F, #78125, b. circa 1860
     Hannah Peterson was born circa 1860. She married August Johnson circa 1880.

Child of Hannah Peterson and August Johnson

Robert Elliot

M, #78126
     He married Sheila Rose Garfield on September 7, 1989.

Child of Robert Elliot and Sheila Rose Garfield

Irene De Haan

F, #78127
     Irene De Haan is the daughter of Cornelis de Haan and Grietje (--?--).

Rachel Anne Price

F, #78128
     Rachel Anne Price is the daughter of Terrance William Price and Sheila Griffiths.

Charles Bertie Spencer

M, #78129, b. July 22, 1896, d. August 8, 1979
     Charles Bertie Spencer was born on July 22, 1896 at Netherton, Wychavon, Worcestershire, England, 52.067371,-2.016001. He was the son of Charles Henry Spencer and Lillian Price. Charles Bertie Spencer died on August 8, 1979 at Nuneaton, Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire, England, 52.515703,-1.470931, at age 83.

Mary Mansell

F, #78130
     Mary Mansell is the daughter of George Ernest Hamer Mansell and Wendy Vagg. She married Peter Renshaw on September 10, 1989 at The Abbey, Shrewsbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.703256,-2.756198.

Children of Mary Mansell and Peter Renshaw

Rachel Cooper

F, #78131, b. circa 1812
     Rachel Cooper was born circa 1812. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Martha Jeane Dodd.

Jessie Jean Embury

F, #78132, b. circa July 23, 1933, d. 1992
     Jessie Jean Embury was born circa July 23, 1933 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, -37.813611,144.963056. She was the daughter of William Embury and Mary MacAlister. She married Denis Roberts on August 26, 1939 at Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia, -33.920921,150.923141. Jessie Jean Embury died in 1992 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, -33.865001,151.209444.

As of August 26, 1939, Jessie Jean Embury was also known as Jess Embury.

Child of Jessie Jean Embury and Denis Roberts

Mark Craemar

M, #78133
     Mark Craemar is the son of Glenn Craemar and Helen Marie Vaughan.

(--?--) Chapman

F, #78134
     She married Raymond Percy circa 1952.

Child of (--?--) Chapman and Raymond Percy

Patricia Ekersley

F, #78135
     Patricia Ekersley is the daughter of Joseph Ekersley and Ruth Spencer.

Michael Dadson

M, #78136
     Michael Dadson is the son of (--?--) Dadson and (--?--) (--?--). He married Jeannette Prins circa 1975.

Justine Griffiths

F, #78137
     Justine Griffiths is the daughter of Royston Griffiths and Jean Edwards. She married Justin Doughty circa 1963.

Child of Justine Griffiths and Justin Doughty

Christian McMartin

F, #78138, b. circa 1822
     Christian McMartin was born circa 1822. She married John McNab circa 1842.

Child of Christian McMartin and John McNab

Esther (--?--)

F, #78140
     She married Charles K Vaughn circa 1911.

Michael McLellan

M, #78142
     Michael McLellan is the son of John Frederick McLellan and Raeleen M Grills. He married Phyllis (--?--) circa 1979.

Sarah Wellstead

F, #78144
     Sarah Wellstead is the daughter of Frank Wellstead and Dimmie (--?--).

Eliza Adams

F, #78145, b. 1824
     Eliza Adams was born in 1824 at Plymouth, Devon, England, 50.36596,-4.152628. She married George Duck circa 1854.

Children of Eliza Adams and George Duck

Sarah Elizabeth Pierce

F, #78146, b. May 8, 1852, d. July 12, 1934
Sarah Elizabeth Pierce (1852 - 1934)
     Sarah Elizabeth Pierce was born on May 8, 1852 at Alberbury, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.723001,-2.950201. She was the daughter of Thomas Pierce Sr and Rebecca Vaughan. She married (--?--) Davies circa 1872. She married Samuel Spencer circa 1875. Sarah Elizabeth Pierce died on July 12, 1934 at Redstone Cottage, Knockin Heath, Shropshire, England, 52.782647,-2.965145, at age 82. She was buried on July 12, 1934 at Knockin Heath Methodist Chapel, Knockin Heath, Shropshire, England, 52.782647,-2.965145.

Child of Sarah Elizabeth Pierce and (--?--) Davies

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Pierce and Samuel Spencer

Tom H Vaughan

M, #78147
     Tom H Vaughan is the son of Edward Thomas Vaughan and Annie (--?--).

Johanna (--?--)

F, #78149, b. circa 1900, d. after 1935
     Johanna (--?--) was born circa 1900 at Netherlands, 52.316667,5.550001. She married Willem de Haan circa 1920. Johanna (--?--) died after 1935 at Netherlands, 52.316667,5.550001.

Children of Johanna (--?--) and Willem de Haan

Trevor Williams

M, #78150
     He married Emily Edwards circa 1924.

Child of Trevor Williams and Emily Edwards

William George Hamlyn

M, #78151, b. March 6, 1878, d. January 1, 1956
     William George Hamlyn was born on March 6, 1878 at England, 52.355278,1.174167. He was the son of William Thomas Hamlyn and Eliza Emma Duck. He married Minnie Emily Frances Hobbs on December 16, 1905 at Fulham, Greater London, London, England, 51.482801,-0.195001. William George Hamlyn died on January 1, 1956 at Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 48.400001,-89.316667, at age 77.

Children of William George Hamlyn and Minnie Emily Frances Hobbs

(--?--) Hally

F, #78152
     (--?--) Hally is the daughter of Ernest Hally and (--?--) (--?--). She married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1968.

Children of (--?--) Hally and (--?--) (--?--)

Ogwen Williams

F, #78153
     She married Gerald Foulkes in 1958.

Children of Ogwen Williams and Gerald Foulkes

Edward Griffiths

M, #78154
     He married Hannah (--?--) circa 1861.

Children of Edward Griffiths and Hannah (--?--)

Emma Fraser

F, #78155, b. December 24, 1817, d. January 22, 1888
Emma Fraser (1817 - 1888)
     Emma Fraser was born on December 24, 1817 at Maidstone, Kent, England, 51.266979,0.5214321. She married Robert Coburn circa 1837. Emma Fraser died on January 22, 1888 at Pembroke, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.820555,-77.111111, at age 70.

Children of Emma Fraser and Robert Coburn

Edward Patchell

M, #78156, b. circa 1780
     Edward Patchell was born circa 1780 at Ireland, 53.412778,-8.243889. He married Mary (--?--) circa 1800.

Children of Edward Patchell and Mary (--?--)

Josephine Mary Edwards

F, #78157
     Josephine Mary Edwards is the daughter of Herbert Austin Edwards and Dorothy Muriel Price. She married Jonathan Joseph Brick circa 1978.

Scott Herron

M, #78158
     He married Aynslie Elizabeth Erna Ogden circa 1991.

Charles Gilbert McTaggart

M, #78159, b. August 6, 1856, d. December 12, 1938
     Charles Gilbert McTaggart was born on August 6, 1856 at Hastings, Ontario, Canada, 44.707222,-77.681389. He was the son of Robert McTaggart and Dency Ann Canniff. He married Elizabeth Margaret Mary Blatchford on December 8, 1891 at Daly, Manitoba, Canada, 49.816667,-101.150001. Charles Gilbert McTaggart died on December 12, 1938 at Brandon, Rural Municipality of Woodworth, Manitoba, Canada, 49.846944,-99.952222, at age 82. He was buried after December 12, 1938 at Harding, Manitoba, Canada, 49.990278,-100.532501.

Children of Charles Gilbert McTaggart and Elizabeth Margaret Mary Blatchford

George Gunn

M, #78160, b. 1876
James Ogden
     George Gunn was born in 1876. He was the son of Alexander Gunn and Susan Ogden.

Rebecca Lauren Higgins

F, #78161
     Rebecca Lauren Higgins is the daughter of David Higgins and Nicola Jane Edwards.

Martha Ogden

F, #78162, b. February 17, 1826, d. April 23, 1917
James Ogden
     Martha Ogden was born on February 17, 1826 at Rivière-Rouge, Rivière-Rouge, Québec, Canada, 46.416666,-74.866666. She was the daughter of John Campbell Ogden Sr and Pamelia Cabanan Dite Charant. She married John Hughes on March 18, 1844 at Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.832661,-80.537891. Martha Ogden died on April 23, 1917 at Fairbury, Jefferson, Nebraska, United States, 40.137224,-97.180591, at age 91.