Allan Edward Farrell

M, #77301, b. May 25, 1927, d. September 12, 1990
     Allan Edward Farrell was born on May 25, 1927 at Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.169511,-81.634841. He was the son of William Robert Graham Farrell and Hilda Catharine White. Allan Edward Farrell died on September 12, 1990 at Bruce, Ontario, Canada, 44.500001,-81.250001, at age 63.

Howard Murry Parker

M, #77302
     Howard Murry Parker is the son of Thomas Charles Parker and Muriel Elizabeth Pritchard.

William Henry Mooney

M, #77303, b. circa 1865
     William Henry Mooney was born circa 1865. He was the son of Alexander Mooney Jr and Catherine Elizabeth Ogden.

Gary Ernest Parker

M, #77304
     Gary Ernest Parker is the son of Thomas Charles Parker and Muriel Elizabeth Pritchard.

Marie Emilie Cabana

F, #77305, b. circa 1797
     Marie Emilie Cabana was born circa 1797. She was the daughter of Pierre Cabana and Marie Rose Morache.

Martha Mary Peterson

F, #77306, b. September 23, 1842, d. January 28, 1922
     Martha Mary Peterson was born on September 23, 1842 at Skog, Gävleborg, Hälsingland, Sweden, 61.166667,16.833333. She married John Lindberg Jr on August 1, 1868 at Henry, Marshall, Illinois, United States, 41.113056,-89.360278. Martha Mary Peterson died on January 28, 1922 at Wall Lake, Sac, Iowa, United States, 42.271095,-95.093047, at age 79.

Children of Martha Mary Peterson and John Lindberg Jr

Mary Ann Brandon

F, #77307
     Mary Ann Brandon is the daughter of Charles Brandon and Eleanor Ellen Everson. She married George Emerson on June 4, 1907 at Grand Valley, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada, 43.899722,-80.314444.

Serena (--?--)

F, #77308
     Serena (--?--) is the daughter of (--?--) (--?--) and Cheryl de Haan.

Philip Martin Thomas

M, #77309
     Philip Martin Thomas is the son of Edward George Thomas and Pamela Jean Roberts. He married (--?--) (--?--) circa 1997.

Child of Philip Martin Thomas and (--?--) (--?--)

Agnes Little

F, #77310, b. circa 1860
     Agnes Little was born circa 1860. She married Francis Madaal circa 1880.

Child of Agnes Little and Francis Madaal

Allan Vaughan

M, #77311
     Allan Vaughan is the son of Edward Thomas Vaughan and Annie (--?--).

John McArthur

M, #77312
     John McArthur is the son of Peter McArthur and Ann Sudden.

Alistair Jon Woolstenhulme

M, #77313
     Alistair Jon Woolstenhulme is the son of Jon Charles Woolstenhulme and Jocelyn Valerie Anne Price.

Katie Vaughan

F, #77314
     Katie Vaughan is the daughter of William Vaughan and Mary Ann Adam. She married (--?--) Boyz circa 1999.

John Vaughan Pierce

M, #77315, b. February 21, 1869, d. April 4, 1955
John Vaughen Pierce (1898 - 1990)
     John Vaughan Pierce was born on February 21, 1869 at Kinnerley, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.773414,-2.994587. He was the son of Thomas Pierce Sr and Rebecca Vaughan. He married Martha Rogers on February 13, 1890 at Oswestry Parish Church, Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828. John Vaughan Pierce died on April 4, 1955 at Pant, Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828, at age 86.

Children of John Vaughan Pierce and Martha Rogers

Harold Stanley Hamlyn

M, #77316, b. September 24, 1916, d. June 7, 1982
     Harold Stanley Hamlyn was born on September 24, 1916 at Cochrane, Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, 49.174722,-81.063055. He was the son of William George Hamlyn and Minnie Emily Frances Hobbs. Harold Stanley Hamlyn died on June 7, 1982 at Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 48.401388,-89.267777, at age 65.

Elizabeth Davy

F, #77317

Child of Elizabeth Davy and Andrew David Dadson

Keaton Laurel Murphy

F, #77318
     Keaton Laurel Murphy is the daughter of Peter Denis Murphy and Laura Gavini.

Sarah (--?--)

F, #77319
     Sarah (--?--) is the daughter of (--?--) (--?--) and Diane Wellstead.

Richard Edward Griffiths Jr

M, #77320
     Richard Edward Griffiths Jr is the son of Richard Edward Griffiths Sr and Edith Emily Vaughan. He married Helena Louise Burroughs in March, 1940 at East Ham, Essex, England, 51.528063,0.045635.

Children of Richard Edward Griffiths Jr and Helena Louise Burroughs

(--?--) (--?--)

M, #77321
     He married Zoe Margaret Dusting circa 2009.

Child of (--?--) (--?--) and Zoe Margaret Dusting

Susan Jennifer Thomas

F, #77322
     Susan Jennifer Thomas is the daughter of Edward George Thomas and Pamela Jean Roberts. She married Peter Christopher Richard Leeson circa 1985.

John T Logue

M, #77323, b. May 10, 1846, d. August 13, 1925
     John T Logue was born on May 10, 1846 at Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States, 41.137013,-77.446926. He married Barbara Anna Henry on October 13, 1869. John T Logue died on August 13, 1925 at Warren, Trumball, Ohio, United States, 41.238333,-80.814444, at age 79.

Children of John T Logue and Barbara Anna Henry

Barry Arnold

M, #77324
     He married Annette Edith Griffiths on March 15, 1969. Barry was divorced from an unknown person in January, 1993.

Ian Wallace Coburn

M, #77325
     Ian Wallace Coburn is the son of Dr Peter Tomey and Bonnie Hillman.

Susan Boyce

F, #77326
     Susan Boyce is the daughter of James Ogilvie Boyce and Josephine Grace Fowler. She married David Percy Dadson circa 1974.

Madonna Marie Foote

F, #77327
     She married Christopher William Fletcher in August, 2013.

Ada Margaret McTaggart

F, #77328, b. May 23, 1892
     Ada Margaret McTaggart was born on May 23, 1892 at Rural Municipality of Woodworth, Manitoba, Canada, 49.930833,-100.679444. She was the daughter of Charles Gilbert McTaggart and Elizabeth Margaret Mary Blatchford.

Kenneth Ian Lloyd Dykes

M, #77329
     Kenneth Ian Lloyd Dykes is the son of Herbert James Dykes and Ethel May Lloyd.

Alexander Gunn

M, #77330, b. March, 1866
James Ogden
     Alexander Gunn was born in March, 1866. He was the son of Alexander Gunn and Susan Ogden.

Margaret Morris

F, #77331
     Margaret Morris is the daughter of Stanley Morris and Hilda Probert.

Neil Richard Price

M, #77332
     Neil Richard Price is the son of Terrance William Price and Sheila Griffiths.

John Vaughan

M, #77333, b. 1750
     John Vaughan was born in 1750 at Shropshire, England, 52.616667,-2.716667. He was the son of (--?--) Vaughan and (--?--) (--?--). He married Jane Farmer on February 18, 1773 at Ruyton-XI-Towns, Shropshire, England, 52.792103,-2.906035.

Children of John Vaughan and Jane Farmer

Jane Kimble

F, #77334, b. 1804, d. February 23, 1893

Child of Jane Kimble and William Hamlyn Sr

Frances Edwards

F, #77335
     Frances Edwards is the daughter of Thomas Edwards and Gertrude Amelia D Evans. She married (--?--) Jones circa 1935.

Child of Frances Edwards and (--?--) Jones

Denise Roberts

F, #77336
     Denise Roberts is the daughter of Thomas Roberts and Janet Smethurst.

John Degraag

M, #77337
     He married Catherine Dalyce Dobson circa 1984.

James Coburn

M, #77338, b. circa 1814, d. circa 1896
     James Coburn was born circa 1814 at Mohill, Leitrim, Connacht, Ireland, 53.922001,-7.866001. He was the son of Andrew Coburn and Rebecca Wallace. He married Jeanette Robertson circa 1844. James Coburn died circa 1896 at Renfrew, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 45.473201,-76.682821.

Child of James Coburn and Jeanette Robertson

Benjamin Tyler Milton

M, #77339
     Benjamin Tyler Milton and Erin Lee Fletcher became partners circa 1999.

Edna Nellan Ludlow

F, #77340
James Ogden
     Edna Nellan Ludlow is the daughter of Richard Ludlow and Emily Ogden.

Rachel Arnold

F, #77341
     Rachel Arnold is the daughter of Barry Arnold and Annette Edith Griffiths.

Peter Denis Murphy

M, #77342
     Peter Denis Murphy is the son of Murray Murphy and Laurel June Roberts. He married Laura Gavini circa 2002.

Child of Peter Denis Murphy and Laura Gavini

Angelique Vachon dit Robert

F, #77343, b. circa 1831, d. April 26, 1837
     Angelique Vachon dit Robert was born circa 1831 at Saint-André-Est, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, Québec, Canada, 45.558333,-74.334722. She was the daughter of Joseph Vachon dit Robert Jr and Marie Charon dit Cabana. Angelique Vachon dit Robert died on April 26, 1837 at Saint-André-Est, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, Québec, Canada, 45.558333,-74.334722.

Elizabeth Moody

F, #77344, b. February, 1743, d. August, 1752
     Elizabeth Moody was born in February, 1743 at Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828. She was the daughter of Job Moodey and Catherine Kynaston. Elizabeth Moody died in August, 1752 at Oswestry, West Midlands, Shropshire, England, 52.853794,-3.055828, at age 9.

Hilda Doris Foulkes

F, #77345, b. circa November 30, 1902, d. February 23, 1998
     Hilda Doris Foulkes was born circa November 30, 1902. She was the daughter of Henry Foulkes and Isabel Annie Probert. She married Thomas Edward Williams circa 1922. Hilda Doris Foulkes died on February 23, 1998.

Louis Cabana

M, #77346, b. 1761
     Louis Cabana was born in 1761. He was the son of Joseph Cabana Sr and Marie Louise Riquet.

George Johnson

M, #77347, b. circa 1850
     George Johnson was born circa 1850. He married Eliza Ann Johnson circa 1870.

Child of George Johnson and Eliza Ann Johnson

Mark (--?--)

M, #77348
     He married Margaret Marie Ann Vermette circa 1980.

Orval Earl Draper

M, #77349, b. March 8, 1891, d. November, 1971
James Ogden
     Orval Earl Draper was born on March 8, 1891 at Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 43.832661,-80.537891. He was the son of Joseph Clark Draper and Pamelia Eleanor Ogden. Orval Earl Draper died in November, 1971 at Wexford, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States, 40.626456,-80.055891, at age 80.

Ada McTaggart

F, #77350, b. circa 1866, d. May 23, 1891
     Ada McTaggart was born circa 1866 at Thurlow, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, 44.183333,-77.2986111. She was the daughter of Robert McTaggart and Dency Ann Canniff. Ada McTaggart died on May 23, 1891 at Hastings, Ontario, Canada, 44.707222,-77.681389.